ISO 9001

what is it?

The ISO 9001 standard is a management tool based on the systematisation and formalisation of the tasks of each employee with the aim of achieving homogeneity of product and service and to be consistent with the specifications defined by the customer.

To maintain the ISO 9001 certification we must always document what we do and, above all, meet the expectations of the customer in compliance with European standards.

We became certified because this is a way of always ensuring compliance with the requests and the requirements of the technical regulations or the standards of our customers, all without increasing operating costs (which, in fact, should decrease with the reduction in non-conformities and errors).

ISO 9001 certification 

UNI 1090

what is it?

The basic aim is to certify the operational capabilities in performing particular welding.

The new technical regulations in fact require an ever deeper knowledge in management of the entire welding process.

Obtaining the Welder’ Qualification Certificate according to the standard UNI EN ISO9606-1:2013 and the Welding Process Certification according to the standard UNI EN ISO15614-1:2012 resulted in certification of a factory production management system (FPC).

This “CERTIFICATE OF CONFORMITY FOR FACTORY PRODUCTION CONTROL” according to the standard UNI EN 1090-1:2012 and UNI EN 1090-2:2001 is in addition to the ISO9001:2008 Certification.

This additional qualification allows Artimpianti to market legally compliant structural steel products sold with the CE marking.

Artimpianti has once again proven it is open to new products and markets, attentive to customer needs and respectful in observing the relevant laws, open to new possibilities and ready to get involved.

UNI 1090 certification