Lines of two to three casting bench (fixed, tilting or rotating) with a new concept of safe, ergonomic and studied layout applying the WCM concepts (World Class manufacturing) and SMED (Single Minute Exchange of Die).



It is the most innovative casting line of the 2000s that we invented to help the operator, increasing productivity together with intrinsic safety and the translation speed of the robots and gantries. Some of our competitors have already tried to copy our innovative solution because customers have proven that their OEE has actually grown beyond the required 85%!

Strengths: modular, innovative, performing, easy to use, safe, modern, easy to maintain, convenient – the operator has easy access and good visibility of all the areas and is thus facilitated in their operations. The solution is flexible as it is possible to “modulate”, to design and thus to assemble according to the requirements of the customer and of their plant. It can be compact, if required, and the layout can be customised while maintaining easy access to all the areas. This makes it possible to integrate within the line several machines and thus to perform pre-processing of cooling and cutting of runners or external sand decoring.

Artimpianti Pouring Line MODUL-ART

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