ArtDosing is an innovative system for transportation and pouring of cast iron (or cast metal in general) into casting frames or molds, which is different from traditional systems (with manual ladle or continuous pouring furnace), significantly reducing alloy preparation time, operator risks and increasing production and plant layout flexibility.

Description and benefits:

ArtDosing system is a solution for the following barriers, which are faced in foundry equipment:

– rigid pouring with intermediate furnace, which is suitable for mass production only

– pouring manually or by crane with higher risk of human injuries.

Each empty ladle can be refilled with a cast iron alloy melt of different chemical composition with no extra energy for heating .i.e., treatment of cast iron can be done without pouring the molten alloy and allowing the operator to get sample in an easy manner before and after the metallurgical treatment.

Artdosing is a sophisticated design, wherein the structure can be adapted and configured as for customer requirements.

Artdosing has a floating fulcrum point on the ladle located close to spout so it optimizes a laminar and concentrated pouring stream in the die sand.

Load Cells are provided for continuous monitoring of electronic weight display of material in ladle. The weight is ranging from 300 kg to 1300 kg, both coming from oven and after pouring or metallurgical treatment, with a precision of ±2 Kg, through enhanced machine control.

A very important safety improvement is given by the protection of the operator who sits comfortably and controls the operation from an enclosed cabin and is protected from drops/splashes during pouring.


Main technical specifications:

  • Usable with minimal or no changes to the melting and forming upstream process;
  • Perfect to pour small quantities of alloy;
  • 100% safe, can reach every area of the plant without using cranes or additional furnaces
  • Very flexible ladle loading capacity: 300 up to 1300 kg
  • Improve the casting quality with a continuous and precise pouring flow
  • All the time, weight control through display during alloy loading/transport/pouring
  • Possibility to pour ductile iron alloy, without losing the current production (i.e. gray cast iron)
  • Boost energy saving (furnace temperature can be 50°C lower as there is not a second melt release)
  • Pouring of 7,5 ton. hour (iron)
  • Metallurgical treatments directly in ladle
  • CE standards
  • Bluetooth communication with metallurgical treatment systems
  • Electronic dosing system
  • Temperature control (if requested)
  • Only one operator required



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