New image presentation


We are pleased to introduce the new artimpianti image that from spring 2017, will accompany our path of growth and continuous improvement!

The pictogram, already recognizable, has been retained to give continuity to the previous image and to be able to “connect” with no trauma to the new look. It has been chosen a unique color to complement the neutral and authoritative gray used in the lettering. The choice fell on the red – a vital, powerful, expressive and bluntly color. Red, like fire and passion. The passion that Artimpianti has within itself (heART inside).

An important step was also the payoff choice: FOUNDRY SOLUTIONS – to define more and more our specialization on which we’ll build our market positioning and a new marketing strategy for the coming years. At the same time, we need to develop corporate identity, a unique communication style that serves to constantly reaffirm the identity of our brand across all channels through which the company communicates both internally and to the outside world. We want to become a unique company, consistent, distinctive and appealing to transmit a good self-image for our target audience. All the communication tools want to be consistent with each other and must be able to transmit the fundamental values ​​on which the company is founded.

And this is only the first step…STAY TUNED …