The Mexican economy of recent years stands out in the Latin American landscape for its stability, with a good performance of domestic consumption, investment and exports. GDP, albeit in a slowdown, continues to grow (+ 2.1% in 2016), and public finances are relatively in order.

This tendency is closely linked to the US economic trend, which is by far the first commercial partner and the largest foreign investor.

The performance of the Mexican economy also had a strong influence on our business. Over the last few months, we have witnessed a significant increase in orders and requests of representation from important Italian companies.

The Artimpianti project of global growth, started last year, fits very well in this context and proves to be winning. We have recently gained new important customers and increased our technical offering by expanding our company know-how thanks to our new colleagues.

At the infrastructural level, Artimpianti de Mexico is also ready to start building the new production facility with the new office area that you can see in the images.

IDRA de Mexico will be our guest and together we will share from 2018 the new technical adventure dedicated to the aluminum structural parts market.

Enthusiasm and passion push us to a promising future with all of you.