Garcia – Nuevo León

The Mexican plant builds, designs and develops foundry plants independently or coordinates with the parent company.

Specialising both in new systems and in the reconditioning of old systems, Artimpianti de Mexico is valued for its flexibility and its ability to solve problems of aluminium foundry customers, boasting a know-how ranging from manual to fully automatic casting.

In-house the technical staff designs in 3D and are able to provide simulations of cycle or process times using the best applications (robostudio, DELMIA etc.). They also design software and hardware as well as mechanical and fluidic systems, providing “turnkey systems “that are both CE- and UL-certified.

The large plasma cutting station combined with proprietary tool machines ensure quick deliveries with a repair and maintenance service ranking as one of best-performing in the Mexican market.


Garcia – Nuevo León

It performs mechanical machining on large aluminium castings including cubing, perforating and levelling with centesimal precision using two CNC 4-Heller axis machines equipped with a Ranishaw measuring device and a tool magazine with 16,000 rpm tools.

The measurement and dimensional control laboratory is equipped with the best machines such as a large Zeiss Contura mechanical trancer station.

Artcubing also performs immersion tests with air pressure, penetrating liquids and cleaning with drying to deliver “finished” products to automotive customers.

Manufacture and dimensional testing of pallets, fixtures, positioning tools, in-line gages and other precision parts comprise the possible range of Artcubing that thus integrates and completes the services of the company Artimpianti.