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We never stop; technological advancement is continuous. We have created an internal structure dedicated to Research and Development that studies new models of mechanisation.

The aim of this activity is simplification of the usual working processes, through solutions that autonomously optimise productivity and quality, computerising the production cycle and achieving significant economies of scale which would otherwise be impossible.

As such, the systems become “smart” and, consequently, it is possible to re-allocate the operations of the personnel employed more efficiently.



our resources

In addition to the internal resources who are perfectly able to respond to all the needs of the design phase, we have a network of specific contacts needed to resolve exceptional contingencies dictated by technology and the market.

We search for the most suitable solution for the customer always considering their current status and the degree of pre-existing automation. Each order results in a “customised” solution, suitable, solely and exclusively, for that customer.



a prestigious partner

  • Initial planning

  • Order

  • Mechanical design and software

  • Mechanical construction and electrical hardware installation

  • Commissioning and unladen tests

  • Installation and set-up by the customer

  • Certification and final acceptance of the system

  • Production assistance

  • Autonomous design capacity

  • Own production capacity

  • Software capacity specifically dedicated on a case by case basis

  • Pre-assembly and functional testing in house

  • Final assembly and production start-up at the customer’s premises

  • Formal delivery of the system to operators and to

  • Maintenance

  • After-sales service