Listening to the customer, harmonising with them and understanding their needs. Tapping into our experience to propose solutions or simply to implement the required projects.
Staying grounded and yet being ready and effective in an emergency. Choosing to not simply be suppliers but customer partners to help them achieve their objectives, in harmony with the personnel and corporate culture.



  • We consider our customers, and their satisfaction, central to our work and our strategies.
  • We offer maximum support and possible flexibility, also during the work.
  • We create a high quality standard product and with the added value of the latest technology.
  • Every day we design innovative, flexible and ergonomic systems.
  • We involve the technical office engaged in research and development, the design personnel, the sales and after sales service: we promote the internalisation of activities (we unite and adequately train internal resources).
  • We consider people as the main resource to reach adequate competitive levels, also including through ongoing investment for training.
  • We involve all workers in strategic and production decisions.
  • We operate with an efficient high quality after-sales service with an availability of spare parts assured at all times.
  • We apply the SMED system (Single-Minute Exchange of Die) to the design phase as a core value of the systems sold.
  • We apply the P-M (Physical Phenomenon Mechanism Analysis) analysis in order to ensure sufficient strength of the systems.
  • We aim to make use of the systems that we produce easy, combined with simple maintenance.


We strive to achieve a leading position in the market of automation for foundries with a greater global presence.

We aim to become a benchmark in the aluminium foundry industry for advanced applications, where innovation and the development of cutting-edge solutions is crucial.

To be both a large and small company, with high flexibility, speed, quality and availability, features that allow us to obtain the trust of customers, becoming their first choice.