solutions for foundries

Founded in 1984 and EN ISO 9001-certified: 2008, Artimpianti is a world leading manufacturer of complete systems for the complex technology of the aluminium foundry.

Our manufacturing facilities are located in Italy, since 1998 in Mexico and since 2013 also in India, thereby being able to serve multiple continents.

Our core business is gravity casting technology: we work alongside the customer 360°, from the liquid metal to the casting finish.

We are able to offer solutions/systems to meet all foundry requirements:

from single machines to highly automated turnkey solutions.

We create complete processes, specialised stations/cells with over 86% OEE and availability at 95%: automatic, modular and flexible casting lines, with a quick change of production, decoring lines, assembly lines, pre-finish and finishing lines and cells.

In over 30 years we have never lost a customer thanks to our honesty, reliability and professionalism.

In addition to “tailored” solutions we also offer our standard products such as:

  • Decoring hammers: high performance for the removal of sand from the castings (compatible with most decoring machines on the market)
  • Decoring machines: CHS-2 and the new Rotating Decoring Machine (both patented)
  • ArtDosing: a new patented casting system especially suited to cast iron foundries



machining works

In 2012 in Mexico Artcubing, the new business unit dedicated to precision machining of aluminium castings, was launched.

Artcubing works within the scope of the ISO-9001, ISO-14000, TS-19649 standards and, thanks to continuous improvement, aims to satisfy all its customers.

The team specialises in CNC programming, CMM and Ficture Design. It also boasts expertise in: Statistical Process Control (SPC), Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP), Process Capability (Cpk), Process Failure and Mode Effect Analysis (PFEMA).

The support softwares are Siemens NX (CAD/CAM) and Virtual-Dmis (CMM).

These are the main services of Artcubing:

  • internal development of clamping fixtures for processes
  • CNC machining for automotive parts and mechanical components
  • precision measurement
  • CNC and CMM programming

The plant consists of administrative offices, 50 m2 of air-conditioned metrological laboratory, a spare parts warehouse and also 2,000 m2 available for further expansion.

Available facilities:

  • an 8-ton main bridge crane
  • a water treatment system

3 Heller CNC (work area 700x700x700 mm), machinery CMM Carl Zeizz mod. Contura G2, CNC Zoller mod. Smile 2.0, Power Clamp Comfort Zolle.



The above corporate activities are implemented both with the aim of achieving business objectives and with a view to continuous improvement of production processes and services performed to obtain maximum customer satisfaction, in compliance with the legislation in force.

The corporative objective to improve our competitiveness on the market has resulted in ARTIMPIANTI s.n.c.  focusing on market-oriented systems and organisational models and on improvement of the Customer/ Quality/Price relationship.

The entire company is involved in achieving customer requirement satisfaction and in the search for new market opportunities, as a result of the organisational and responsiveness capacity of the company as a whole. At the same time cost optimisation is no longer simply a task dependent on the efficiency of production but is a duty addressed by all the company structures.

Through these certifications our company is able to focus on the areas affected by its own operational processes (management of orders acquired/equipping of industrial systems).

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Our Quality Management System is based on the fundamental commitment of Corporate Management and of the entire organisation to:

  • legislative compliance;
  • the systematic respecting of requirements  of Customers/Buyers (including their satisfaction);
  • the provision of adequate and appropriate resources;
  • dissemination of the policy, corporate strategies and achievements by all employees;
  • the facilitation of communication between workers and management;
  • the guarantee of operating in full compliance with national and EC laws, with company regulations and with standards of good practice;
  • the protection of corporate information from all threats, both internal and external, voluntary and accidental, to satisfy the requirements of integrity, availability and confidentiality;
  • the guarantee of correct access of personnel to computer systems and to the information necessary to carry out activities;
  • the development of continuous upgrade actions for company employees and for internal collaborators;
  • the promotion of training courses related to growth of the individual employee and to interaction with colleagues.

This commitment is also reflected in operations related to the environment and to corporate security that is expressed in the following improvement actions:

  • awareness-raising and training to employees on the correct use of PPE provided;
  • periodic inspection by those responsible on the correct use of PPE, with recording in appropriate monitoring reports;
  • prevention of accidents at work and occupational diseases;
  • safe and ergonomic workstations and equipment including heavy load lifting systems the protection and promotion of processes characterised by greater attention to the health and safety of employees;
  • increasing of the level of training reached concerning health and safety in the workplace, with particular attention on tasks performed at customer sites;
  • involvement of third-party companies called upon to work for the company, to share the same criteria for the protection of health and safety as defined in this policy;
  • the support of environmentally friendly processes and greater attention to pollution;
  • the prevention, control and reduction, where possible, of the use of raw materials and the production of waste;
  • attention to order and cleanliness;
  • provision of full cooperation to local communities and to the competent organisations, ensuring full transparency in information and in outward communication.

With the introduction of the afore-mentioned Management System the company aims to define the underlying principles of action and results in order to eliminate the non-conformities, committing to identifying, assessing and monitoring, within the framework of the activities carried out by the company, the causes over which it is able to exert influence and, where this is not possible, to strive for minimisation of the effects, enabling corrective actions. For this purpose, and in view of the continuous improvement of prevention, Corporate Management undertakes to regularly review the Management System and this policy, ensuring prominent visibility across the company.

The Company Management considers the effective implementation of the Management System an organisation-wide responsibility  and calls all personnel at every level and degree to respect its policy and to observe compliance of the provisions defined in the Management System, within their respective competencies and responsibilities, bearing in mind, among other aspects, that the QUALITY of the product, the SAFETY of workers, the protection of the ENVIRONMENT and the HEALTH of the population is obtained by the executing parties and not by the controlling bodies.

With the application of the afore-mentioned Management System and considering the construction of safe and reliable works as a binding target to be constantly achieved and maintained, Company Management defines the following principles of the quality policy which aims to achieve:

  • the obtaining and subsequent maintaining of the UNI EN ISO 9001 certifications thereby not being precluded from participation in design tenders and from providing the service to third parties;
  • observation of the applicable regulations in force and satisfying the requirements, both implied and expressed, in contracts to increase customer satisfaction;
  • the promotion, throughout the organisation, of awareness of the importance of meeting the requirements of the System and increasing of the skills and motivations of personnel in order to ensure, for all processes of the organisation, efficient and effective performance;
  • the involvement of third-party companies that may be called upon to work for the company, requiring that they also share the same quality criteria defined in this policy;
  • increasing of the competitiveness of the company by reducing operating costs and by improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the organisation.