At the start of 2016 we were commissioned, by one of the major alluminum foundry multinationals, a new project in their plant in France. The project, part of a larger schedule for the renovation of their automotive cylinder head production, consisted with the substitution of an old two positions casting line with a new more advanced system that could guarantee a high flexibility and a production rate of 13 parts/hour for each casting bench, respecting the ergonomy and safety of the operators.


The reduced space of only 100m² was ideal for our ModulArt system, formed by two cantilever gantries, for core setting and pouring, and one robot mounted upside down below the beam for the manipulation of the castings. The two gantries have the task of interfacing the casting benches with the holding furnace with a capacity of 3T and a core setting area, formed by a two position turning table and an automated system for the overturn and positioning of the top cores. The casting line is completed by a two position cooling buffer and an automated core breaking system, served by the antropomorphic robot.


One of the challenges faced in this project was the necessity to interface with an existing unloading shuttle, placed at an extremity of the layout, above a cooling tunnel. This meant the necessity to use an unloading robot with a long reach combined with a high load capacity. For the first time on a ModulArt system, a Fanuc robot was chosen for this task, adding also this option to Artimpianti’s know-how which already includes ABB and KUKA technology.

Respected the targets of safety, functionality and manufacturing capacity, this new MondulArt is now working 24/7 to satisfy the production necessities of our customer. A high tech system was ushered in an old plant, complying with the rigid norms and the most advanced production processes.

Artimpianti is thus ready to satisfy the needs of other customers with a larger offer of technology. Improvement continues….

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